Hi fellow farmers, I have been inspired into creating this site for my wife who seems, well how shall we put it, addicted to............

I found out a few years back that gift links can be used by everyone, not just your friends & neighbours but anyone with a farm
I have found all the most important gifts, added them to various categories & included a way for you to add your own. I can only add so many but with your help there can be enough gifts for every category so everyone can get what they need. For how too instructions Click Here

Our top 10 Gifts this week:
400 x Freshwater Bait
400 x Seawater Bait
Hen Eggs
Cow Milk
Coconut Tree
Acacia Tree

This site is free for you all to use but does cost money to run.

By donating to become a member, you not only help with contributing towards server costs but also get the use of our tools which include auto bonus collector, auto gifter & a couple of other improvements.

Please visit our members page for further details on becoming a donating member.

So here we have it, a site dedicated to just Farm Town gifts, simple to use, no ads, no registration & free for all.

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Remember, please add your links helping me to help you.
A big thanks to all who uploaded their links, we now have almost 2 Million.

J - Site admin.

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